Uber to take action on riders with poor ratings

Uber announced that they would bar the riders with poor ratings from riding on Uber cabs . these rules are already implemented for drivers. US and Canada will be first followed by other countries

Not sure if this This is a good decision except who and what decides the raiders ratings ? Recently , in india , I booked a ride and while I was awaiting the cab, I got an alert that my ride is completed and I have Rs 300 Bill to pay for ride fair. Plus the driver rated me on lower side . Bah…

In countries like India , Uber drivers regularly back out of their rides if they come to know your drop location in advance , pushing fault on riders head . While there are riders who smoke and litter in the vehicles or press the driver to go over speed limit .

I am sure that in due course of time ,Uber will perfect the alogorithm to consider multiple factors before deactivating the riders. In the mean time, riders are in for bitter surprises. Better activate OLA accounts as well, if you plan to reach that meeting in time or don’t want to be friendly with your cabby.

Update : 16th Jan 2020


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