Singapore Visit – Part I

Gardens by the Bay - Singapore
the magnificent Gardens by the Bay

Travel….the word itself brings lot of excitement & smiles…:-) :-).Travelling alone or with your partners is a carefree & an altogether no stress free trips with not much check lists…;-). But travelling with your baby who is not big enough is a lot to think about & involves a lot of planning…to do lists.

I recently travelled with my family to Singapore on Christmas & New Year this past year. travelling to an international destination on Christmas is fun.. and a different experience altogether…like Diwali in India.

As we planned to travel my first working was on what all is required for my baby, which includes the smallest thing in regards to him.

Since we travelled in december, Singapore temperature was 30 degree celcius humid, where as in Delhi it was below 14 degree celcius, for the baby it’s a total different weather & takes a day or two to adjust.

the clothing was summer, light but i still carried a wind sheeter with a hood & made him wear till his body got used to the weather & surroundings there .Another important aspect to be taken care of is having Good shoes for him, because in Singapore you need to walk a lot, baby doesn’t always sit in his stroller, taking stroller while travelling is important & basic, parents get some break from holding the little ones in their arms

Next important thing for little ones to carry was all basic medicines, for soar throat, cold, fever, upset tummy, vomiting, nasal drops, & some homeopathic medicines (i believe in homeopathy not for every parents)

Food for the baby, I carried an electric cooker, with roasted samulin, & from there i purchased pulses & rice for cooking Khichdi, rest my baby was having bananas, eggs & I made mathris for snacking which I carried too. if baby ‘s tummy is filled then he remains happy & less irritable.

Now let’s talk about dealing baby in the plane. Baby’s should always be made seated in the middle seat between the parents. You need to carry headphones, download rhymes, cartoons which he is fond of, with color books & also accessible snacking items must be carried in the cabin baggage. It keeps the baby engage & diverted.

While take off & landing please make the baby feed him, like bottle milk which can prevent the ear air pressure & avoid pain to certain extent & also help baby to be less cranky. Always make baby walk in the aisle as permitted i.e. as per the flight instructions.(situation).

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