Galaxy’s Edge – The Best Of Us by Karen Traviss

Karen Travis is a well known author with substantial contribution to Sci-fi literary world . She Also has written for Star Wars Series and many more. “The Best of Us” is first book the Galaxy’s Edge Series by Karen.

Having read multiple books in succession in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Genre , I wanted to go easy and was looking for something different,(being a hardcore Scifi fan, it irritates me that various review sites and sellers ,including Audible, Amazon, barnes and nobel etc, bunch Scifi and fantasy in same category.) So i decided to go for this one on Audible.

‘The best Of us’ made me a convert on Audio format. The Story is perfect . The descriptions of post apocalyptic humanity is realistic and narration is fantastic.

The book explores human emotions, Science , Artificial intelligence , Phobia , Space Exploration . The treatment is more towards emotions and morality rather than hard Sifi there time seveneves or three body problem . Karens style is soft and sophisticated and much in contrast to Dan Simmons’ Hyperion that I haed recently finished.

this is good Audiobook for commute (when you are not driving, Ofcourse), Lunchtime and a morning Jog.

I have lined up following Audiobooks for next 2 weeks. Any suggestions or addition are most welcome

  1. Luna : New Moon by Ian MacDonald
  2. Red Rising by Pierce Brown
  3. Children of Time by Adrian Tachikowvsky
  4. For We are Many by Denis E Tylor
  5. Empire Games by Charles Stross

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