Ujda Chaman Movie – My thoughts

Ujda Chaman

Ujda Chaman – The title itself is self explanatory to most of the Indians , A slang reference to prematurely bald young men . Likewise in the Movie , main character is a 30 year old bachelor , who works as a professor for Hindi language in Delhi University.

Movie is just a bit slow. Actress Grusha Kapoor as mother of main character Chaman Kohli, played by Sunny Singh, delivered an amazing performance of a typical Punjabi Mother.

Chaman, in the desparation of getting a wife or even a girl friend… behaved juvenile though he is highly educated and teaches in collage. Sunny Singh did justice to Directors expectations but as with most of indian movies , every emotion and event has been exaggerated.

Chaman gets used and mocked by all – students, relatives and females/colleagues . While Chaman keeps looking to find a slim and beautiful wife, rebuffed the only person – Apsara, played by Manvi Gagroo, who actually liked him finally after initial rejection .

At the end, sense prevails , Chaman goes back to Apsara and blah blah.

Movie as mentioned earlier is slow moving , But has some good moments, is not the best one to watch in theatre . Suggest to wait till it comes on any of the steaming apps.

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