Children of Time

By Adrian Tchaikovsky on Audible

Children Of time - Audiobook

Children of time is a powerful title and equally compelling storyline . I recently completed this audiobook and had an Amazing experience.

Before everything – The book has profanity and Curses . Come out to be far more effective in Audio format. And also Spoiler Alert


I felt good that I got my hand on the book late enough and therefore the part II – Children of Ruin is also out for my weekend schedule.

It is a very compelling Storyline with great attention to detail and a realistic timeline. Main Characters are

  • Holsten Mason (human) – Historian
  • Isa Lain(human) – Chief Engineer
  • Dr Avrana Kern (human who does not like humans) – Bio Engineering Genius
  • Portia(Female spider) – Strategist and Leader
  • Fabian (Male spider) – Scientist and revolutionist
  • Bianca (Female Spider) – Priestess, Scientist, Leader, rebel
  • The Gligamesh – Arkship

Humanity has destroyed earth. Most of the humans have fled earth looking for new worlds that they can call home . Before Nuclear destruction , Humans (called Ancients) had identified earth like planes and had started terra forming projects.

Nuclear winter later destroyed most of the life and few million humans survived on the planet living like stoneage inhabitant as most of the technology was lost. Later arkships were sent to these planets, based on star maps discovered in archaeological finds and/or retained to folklore, with plants , animals and humans in Cryogenic sleep while AI’s ran and managed the Ships over light years of journey.

One of the ancients – Dr. Avrana Kern, who was in-charge of one of the terraforming projects was imprisoned in the ship (reduced to a satellite) , she came with to seed with intelligence , as her project was sabotaged. She became bitter with her disdain of humanity deepening further and finally melded with Ships AI creating an Alter Ego – Eliza Kern.

The nanovirus released during the sabotage lands on the planed under terraforming . The Virus was designed to work with monkeys , now has to work with new subjects – Spiders.

The real fun is to follow the storylines of Kerns , Humans in Gilgamesh and Spiders on Kern’s World. The intelligence seeded in spiders makes them better and outsmart Kern , but brings both the species on collision course as Kern’s world is their last chance of survival.

The narration and modulation to represent multiple characters has been handled Skillfully by Mel Hudson . Adrian has a great job in writing the book to allow one person narration . But most importantly, the climax is nothing I had imagined and very well crafted ending.

Over all this a Solid listen for all Scifi fans . will rate 5/5 .

Children of Ruin review coming Soon.

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    Good reads….I liked the site & you have choices to read whatever you want…post something on sports tooπŸ‘πŸ˜Š


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