Talking to My Daughter About the Economy by Yanis Varoufakis

The book explains the fundamentals of economics with out making it an heavy and complicated thesis on keywords and broad global issues .

The book is written in innovative manner and manages to make the subject of economics a very interesting topic . The most interesting part is that the author actually uses word “economics” quite sparingly in the entire book .

The book is written by Greek economist with same name as in the title of the post , and constructed as a conversation between him and his daughter . Book starts with basic question of human intelligence , evolution and the factors that lead to diverse paths that various cultures took to evolve . How the climate and geographical factors were responsible for certain societies and clusters to become tech savvy and other not so much .

The history about the “credit” is fascinating and so are many other explanations in the book .

This is a must read for every body Students , CEOS, managers , Fathers , Mothers , women , workers and anyone out of school. I mentioned the list specifically as many people think economics is only for economists and statesmen, collage professors or students of finance .

This books changed that perception of mine and I would recommend every adult to read this book irrespective of their line of work or subjects of their interest . Believe me , it now that hard to get engrossed the the book and it is a short book .

Good luck.

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