What people do during lockdown

In India , we are living in Lockdowns these days. The current lockdown is expected to be Over in 21 days. However, there is no telling if this will be end of it.

Movement is restricted. Social distancing is mandatory to control the spread and we see funny memes of people getting frustrated about sitting at home or working from home as the case may be.

There is also a very human angle of help and support being extended for daily wagers and hired help . i love the way people have come together on this. I and lot of my friends are regularly sending money and Supplies to security guards, Delivery men, maids and Cooks.

I will list out a few things I have heard , people doing at home now, they have some time at hands :

  1. Fixing the Finances and bank accounts
  2. Cleaning up the House Junk
  3. rearranging the furniture to make the space more liveable
  4. Repairing broken stuff that is relatively easy including wood work, electronics, remotes , fans, Cleaning up ACs.
  5. Sorting out clothes that Old and do not fit. These are being passed to govt help agencies to be given to poor
  6. Packing up woolens and Bringing Out summer clothing
  7. learning new recipies
  8. Trying out long given up hobbies like singing, Drawing, Cooking, writing etc.
  9. Making Movies
  10. Zoom parties
  11. Spending time with Children and taking a stock of school curriculum
  12. Story telling
  13. Catching up with friends and family not in contact for some time
  14. Preparing for job interviews
  15. exploring possibilities of parallel Income opportunities
  16. Catching Up on sleep
  17. Giving Up Addiction , especially Smoking
  18. Working out at Home, if not anything else, just to burn out extra calories accumulated sitting on lounges
  19. Binge watching Netflix, Hotstar, Disney, Amazon Prime shows.
  20. learn to make masks and sanitizers
  21. learn to make Cocktails – if they have any liquor left
  22. make memes
  23. send tons of whatsapp messages
  24. Prep up Insta and facebook profiles
  25. Write Blogs as am doing here

And Ofcourse , work from home in spare time after all above is done 🙂.

Please share anything and every thing that you have come across. Above ofcourse is very limited a list

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