Riyria Revelations by Michael J Sullivan

RIYRIA Revelations

An Audio Book Review

About the Author

Micheal J Sullivan (MS) Started this a Self published novel but gained immense popularity. More about the Author and Upcoming Projects here .

Before we go further , following is the recommended order to go trough the series :

  1. Theft of Swords ( The Crown Conspiracy + Avempartha)
  2. Rise of Empire (Nyphron Rising + The Emerald Storm)
  3. Heir of Novron (Wintertide + Percepliquis)
  4. The Crown Tower
  5. The Rose and the Thorn
  6. The Death of Dulgath
  7. The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter
  8. Drumindor


The Series is one of the best Fantasy that I have read or to say heard So far. MS has excelled in the art of world creation with elves , magic , Dwarfs and high towers.

Attention to detail is beautiful and characters develop well along the story line . However, when speaking of an audio book, the narrator is the hero . narrator can bring to life the most mundane prose or render the best written stories completely worthless. Tim Gerard Reynolds is a narrator par excellence, with excellent modulation and ability to convey emotions.

About the Book :

There are many characters but main ones are :

  1. Hadrian Blackwater
  2. Royce Melborn
  3. Arista Essendon
  4. Alric Brendon Essendon
  5. Gwen DeLancy
  6. Magnus
  7. Ezrahaddon

Royce Melborn is a professional thief and one half of Riyria, working with his warrior partner Hadrian Blackwater. The main plot starts with a Theft gone wrong and Riyria being framed for murder of King Amrath of Melengar. The story goes wide and tall with multiple twists and turns . There is desperation and hope . There Love and romance .But Above all there is courage and morality.

The Storyline is strong with a surprise and happy ending , more like bollywood movies for the latter part. The plots within plots with in plots are interesting and books keeps you toes and when merged with narrators skill, this is not a audiobook to be listened to when you are sleepy, else you will miss the best parts :

  • The humor of Hadrian.
  • Cold Logic of Royce
  • Love and Strength of Arista
  • The description of Elves
  • The transformation of Thrace wood to Modina Novronian
  • The Story of Maribor
  • Skill of Dwarfs
  • Splendor of Elves
  • Grit of men

If you like Fantasy, This Audiobook is not to be passed upon.

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