Cycle Of Arawn

Audio Book Review

Just completed Cycle of Arawn by Edward W Robertson . Here is real quick review .

It is a very long book for sure . And honestly it is hard to imagine how Long would it have taken the narrator Tim Gerald Raynolds to complete this .

The story line is strong but it drags a bit and digresses many times on the culture and habits of various races of mammals inhabiting the world. I seriously believe , that it could have been easily be completed in 2/3 time but for avoidable details.

The author has used multiple ideas and concepts known to today’s world and tweaked them with good amount of intrigue to build this fantasy . You will be able to easily relate lunes with mobile phones . Pocket cove with Themyscria (home of Wonder Woman) and many more .

This is what we popularly call as high fantasy with multiple worlds and wonderful creatures , folk lores and myths , plots and schemes .

I did find one similarity between the characters of Riyria (reviewed earlier ) and the main characters here – Dante and Blaze . As a reader or listener , Blaze Buckler has my vote though story revolves around Dante Galand .

Blaze is emotional , resourceful , persistent , romantic , lost his lover and blundered in many ways . Still one could see how blaze grows and evolves over 10 years of story line . Simply said , author has spent more time on Blaze as a person than Dante .

There are some good moments and interesting plots in the story and I think one should pick this book if you have patience to read long books and then some more .

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