What is so great About watches ?

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

I will be posting a series on watches . Now a days, For many watches are inessential. We have mobiles phones and laptops that show time. We carry our phones every where so what is the need for another device to tell time ?

Still for many others, watches are an habit being reinforced by wearable(s). Apple iwatch, fitbit and many more are selling the products to get you spend money on something that you do not need mostly.

Where as fashion brands making you pay for brands value since behind these watches, there is a regular mini step motor manufactured in some sweat shop. Still for some watches are just a tool to be used and thrown when battery dies or machine stops working .

So what is there to devote a series to watches?

I asked a friend of mine if he can tell the difference between a regular quartz watch and a mechanical watch. He had no idea what i was talking about. He only said that Watches are mens’ Jewellery.

These posts are about the real watches . the art of watch making . About the time when time started .

Jacob & Co. timepiece

I will not discuss the details of study of time measurement or Horology. We will rather go directly to most fascinating watches that adorn our wrists. We do not even realize the engineering and art that went behind these time pieces . The complexity of gears and mechanics is mind boggling .

The Golden Bridge by Corum

Some time pieces are so expensive , that they best taken as investments as coveted as a Picasso or Van Gogh

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