Tech Partner vs. Solution Partners – Programmatic Ecosystem


Programmatic is a large complex world of DSPs, DMPs, SSPs, etc. To add on to the complexity to the ecosystem, Google adds/replaces/modifies features very often, for example:

  1. When Google moved to a unified First Price Auction in Google Ad Manager from Second Price Auction (Details Here)
  2. Very recently Google announced that it will be shutting down third-party cookies on its popular web browser, Chrome (Details Here)
  3. Google to add an OTT line item in DV360 (Details Here)

What is a Tech Partner in this context?

A Tech partner here is someone who helps with Integrations and Reporting which can be

  1. Tag Based
  2. Header Bidding
  3. EBDA Set ups
  4. Innovative Rich Media Formats Set ups
  5. Bid Optimization
  6. Reporting, etc

What is a Solution Partner in this context?

A Solution partner will cover all the aspects listed above. Moreover, the scope will not be limited only to integration and reporting, it will be a more holistic solution for the Publisher which will guide them to find the optimal Revenue strategy like:

  1. Content Recommendation Partner
  2. Native Ads
  3. Innovative Ad Formats
  4. Stack Optimization
  5. Supply Path Optimization
  6. Video Monetization Partner
  7. Traffic Acquisition
  8. Region wise strategy
  9. Content Distribution

Solution Partner vs. Tech Partner

A Tech Partner’s scope would be limited to Integrations and Reporting which is great for publishers who have an in house team dedicated to cover the other aspects like Partnerships, Content Distribution, In house teams for innovative ad formats, etc.
For a Mid-Small sized publisher, wherein not all the functions will be in house, a Solution Partner can be extremely helpful in providing expert guidance on other aspects along with technology.

Some of the Solution Partners for Publishers

These solution partners usually go beyond publishers monetizing needs and instead advise them to enable more informed inventory decisions, content optimization, better traffic quality and increased revenue.

For example, some partners enabling publishers to do this are:

  1. Google Publisher Solutions: Google’s complete suite of solutions is designed to help publishers get the most from their content. Some of their services are:
    • Monetization
    • Manage and Deliver campaigns
    • Attract New business
    • Performance Measurement
  2. Pubmatic Programmatic Solutions Partner: They provide technology, algorithms and insights that enable top-tier monetization along with providing their clients the solutions to realize the full potential of their digital advertising strategies. Some of their services are:
    • Pubmatic Cloud
    • Openwrap: Prebid As Service
    • Private Marketplaces
    • RTB Advertising Technologies
    • Ad Quality
  3. Monetize More: Their solutions let publishers maximize their potential by providing simplified solutions along with yield optimizing strategies, emerging trends and much more. Below are a couple of services they offer but isn’t restricted to the below:
    • Ad Optimization
    • Exclusive Access to Premium Ad Networks
    • Better revenue shares from leveraging MonetizeMore’s publisher network
    • Access to MonetizeMore’s all-star partners with exclusive offers (eg. web servers, fraud traffic suppression, SEO)
    • Implementation of new revenue streams at your discretion
    • Constant ad quality assurance
  4. Exponential: Their focus has been on building long term relationships with publishers and not restricting themselves to one solution. Some services include:
    • Access to Top Demand
    • Monetization and Reporting for Display and Video
    • Dedicated Ad operations & Billing
    • Direct Campaign Management
    • Third Party Partner Consolidated Reporting
    • Consultation Services & Publisher Insights
  5.  Brightcom: Their scope of work isn’t restricted only to publishers’ digital advertising monetization needs. They also advise them to enable more informed inventory decisions, content optimization and increased revenue. Scope is as follows but not restricted to the below
    • Yield Optimization
    • Ad Quality and Traffic Quality Mechanisms
    • Visual Analytics Interface
    • Innovative Ad Formats


There is no one size fits all solution here. For some publishers Tech partners would come in handy, for some they would look at a Solution Partner! Best way out here to experiment for yourself and see what suits each business.

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