IDFA made Opt-in:Is this the end Of Mobile Advertising ?

About a year back On 22nd June, 2020 , Apple in Developers Conference showcased the beta release for iOS14. Apart from redesigning the home screen and other key features , Apple showcased IDFA being brought to the surface of privacy settings . And now with OS14.6 , the line has been drawn,

IDFA will now be opt-in for the users with clear and nerving language. While this was not explicitly covered in the session, the App-store user Privacy section indicates that this Policy will be extended to iOS14, iPad OS14 and also TV OS14.

Many Believe that Apple has dealt a death Blow to IDFA and therefore the entire Multi Billion in App advertising Ecosystem. Safari had long back disabled 3rd party cookies .

Essentially ,the advertising world believes Advertising is now defunct on All the Apple owned Products and Ecosystem.

Long Live IDFA

All apple has done has shined some light on IDFA permissions and made it optin explicitly. Consumers even until today have the Option to reset the IDFA to 0. Just that the setting was deep Under.

When the Cookie Consent forms were made mandatory in the intial days after earlier days of GDPR Act being approved , the Ad world and news media reacted in similar fashion.

However, over period of time both users and advertisers got acclimated to the concept . This led to next level of product innovation like pDOOH, Location intelligence and Contextual targeting . And Life Went On

With The Industry currently reeling under the COVID impact, there is already limited money in The ad market. the future of advertising will have changed anyways in next few weeks . The standard categories like travel, hospitality, restaurants, events , Sharing economy like uber, Airbnb etc are anyways finding them selves in the light of new normal of social distancing.

Most importantly , Apples stand is still not clear on what they want to do with IDFA. With Apple supposedly working on Apple Ad network, they have to have a way to encash their native user base and also keep the registers rolling for their gaming and App store ecosystem .


We believe that it is too early to announce dooms day predictions for Advertising world . It is wait and watch scenario, till the iOS14 is rolled out and how consumers react to the IDFA opt-in features .

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